Saturday, June 28

Opposites Double Feature

I invited a few fellow crafters over for a craft night/double feature. KB couldn't make it because her youngest is getting over a flu (get better little miss!) but Heidi and Shandon were able to attend.

Last time we got together we watched After School Specials and ate kid food (grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup). It was fun so we decided to try it again. Well, too many months passed but we finally got to it this evening. Somewhere along the line Norm suggested we make Ice Castles one of our next silly featured attractions. We did, but poor Norm was out of town and missed it (sorry Norm!). The other day Shandon and I decided the opposite of Ice Castles would be Soylent Green and our Opposites Double Feature was born.

Ice Castles actually held up better than I might have guessed. The hair styles were interesting and Colleen Dewhurst proved to be even crankier than I'd remembered but it was entertaining. We were all surprised that we still seemed to know all the words to Through the Eyes of Love (aka Ice Castles theme song). My biggest association with Ice Castles is that my brother despises it. You just mention the words "ice" and "castle" in the same breath and his face goes all wonky. I guess it replayed on cable one too many times back then and I'm certain I watched it every time. It must have been too much for him.

Soylent Green was also a good bit of fun, sort of gross but a good time. Heidi was disturbed by the demise of poor Edward G. Robinson. I , on the other hand, was more disturbed by the role women played in the film. At one point Chuck Heston tells his new girlfriend "You're a nice piece of furniture." Now this may be taken out of context but, no matter how you slice it, it's a disturbing "complement". We know it's how you probably felt about women but... Jesus, Chuck! It was good to see Chuck shout out the famous line *spoiler alert* "Soylent Green is PEOPLE!" Ah, Chuck. You never fail to over act. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Chuck in some of gayest looking wardrobe choices in cinematic history. Good times.

We each crafted a bit, then enjoyed an easy dinner of hot dogs, fruit salad and chips followed by Pioneer Woman's amazing Chocolate Sheet Cake. Let's just say it involves a pound of butter... you heard me. Yum! We also discussed future double features. After some consideration it looks like our next Opposites Double Feature will be Somewhere in Time and The Shining.

What do you think? Does anyone out there have some fun suggestions for other Opposite Double features? I think the only restriction should be that the films come from the same decade and that one of the films is a childhood favorite. I wouldn't call it a strict rule but I think boundaries are helpful and films from the same era seem appropriate. At least that seems to be how we seem to choose our pairings. So, please tell me your Opposites Double Feature suggestions. Bring 'em on!


Trooperdog said...

I love the long, flowing hair on that "Ice Castles" poster!

Btw...I'm going to see "Avenue Q" tonight. Portland is a little behind but we finally got it!

shandon said...

How about The Blue Lagoon and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer?

kb said...

So sorry I missed out on the movies, the good company and the pound o'butter sheet cake. Next time I am so there!

hairpik said...

that is just about the funniest post i've read in some time!