Wednesday, June 11

Fun facts

I went to dinner with a colleague and my boss and had a lovely dinner on the sidewalk in the city. Needless to say the weather was remarkably improved since yesterday because you know I wouldn't sit in 99 degree weather without a fight. It was about 78 degrees with no humidity which made for a very nice evening in the city. We choose a restaurant close to Grand Central Station because our colleague hoped to hop on the 9:50 pm train home. She told us about some the secrets of Grand Central, all very interesting. It truly is an amazing space. I'll definitely be doing some searching around the web for more fun facts.

The night was very well paced. I got to my hotel room by 10:00 pm and couldn't have been happier about it. Everyone else is out at a bar getting tanked but I don't really enjoy that. I prefer to wash my face and hop in bed with a good book or newspaper. I told you... I'm a granny.

My cab driver tonight had six fingers (Rough transition? So is getting in a cab with an angry six fingered man.). It was the damnedest thing. I've heard of six fingered people, and one was made famous in The Princess Bride, but I'd never seen one before. He had an otherwise average looking left hand except there was a pinkie-toe looking digit sticking out of the side about an inch below his pinkie finger. I felt bad for him, not because of his extra digit, but because the guy before me had apparently not paid him. This guy racked up a $20 fare, zipped his credit card through the machine and believed it had gone through when in fact it hadn't. Of course, this is all according to the cab driver but he seemed pretty annoyed so I couldn't help but believe and feel bad for him. You'll be happy to know that I not only paid him but I tipped him well too.

There is no crazy weather or lighting storms to report this evening. Just a quiet end of the day in my room. I don't have to be at the convention center until 9:30 tomorrow morning so it should be a leisurely morning (fingers crossed). I leave the center around 11:30 for a lunch in the city followed by a meeting upstairs. I'm then done for the week. Nothing to do but hop a flight home early Friday morning. I'm almost sorry to leave now that it's so nice out. One of these days I'm going to have to stay the weekend, walk the park, take in a show and another museum. I really do like this city, I think you would too.

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