Monday, June 23

Fast forward

Shandon mentioned that she was sick of looking at that photo from my last post (and I can't blame her) so I'm throwing this one up to help a girl out. Why this photo? Well, my ex-carpool buddy moved to our London office and is currently head of our European business. She's therefore traveling to all of our European offices to get to know them. Since I can't travel all over Europe on the company dime I'm demanding postcards from her. So far she's sent me a super-cool postcard from a Marie Antoinette exhibit she visited. Today I received a postcard from a gorgeous castle in Germany called the Konigsschloss Linderhof (aka Linderhof Castle). I tried to find a photo online to compare to the postcard but I can't find anything. I did, however, run a search on "German Castle" and found the pic below. I'm not sure what it is but I like it!

I really want to check out Germany some day soon. In the mean time I'm just trying to get through this week. We're setting our budgets for '09 and it's mega-stressful. Our big budget meeting is Wednesday at 4:30 and I just want to get it over with. This Friday is a half day for me so I'm going to lunch with some friends then going to a movie. I just want to fast forward to Friday.


Shanna said...

i've been to that german castle before! it's beautiful! it's set down in this valley so you don't see it until you're down on it...that's why it's still standing, because it was hard for enemies to see it. i can't remember the name of it! i was there in 2000 so i don't remember. i have all the info. in a scrapbook but it's in storage :( i think it's in Luxembourgh, Germany if you want to try and find it.

Shanna said...

it just came to me!!! burg eltz!!