Monday, June 16

Just do it

I left work a little early today because I'm suffering from a bit of a cold and a whole lot of post nasal drip. On the way home I picked up some cold medication including a Zicam Oral Mist a friend recommended.

This evening I was reclined on my beloved bed and pillows watching (sort of) the end of My Fair Lady when I felt the back of my throat getting more and more irritated. I finally awoke from a dazed nap and remembered the neglected neti pot in the linen closet

Several months ago, while suffering from that terrible flu, I purchased the neti pot but was too chicken to use it. For those of you not in the know, a neti pot is a small tea pot looking thing from which the user pours a cleansing fluid in one nostril and out the other. Ewww, right? It sounds crazy disgusting but it also makes a lot of sense. Think about it, why not just wash out your sinuses when they're acting up? Still, I found it to be a tad intimidating. I sat down, read the instructions thoroughly and went for it. I feel better already! At the very worst it is reminiscent of that familiar childhood sensation following and accidental snort of pool water. It's not terrible, just vaguely annoying and it passes quickly.

Here is a highly amusing how-to video on the use of a neti pot. I didn't have that silly stoned gaze on my face but water flew out of my nose just like that. Cool! I neglected to play that groovy acoustic guitar music. Thank God I couldn't get a good look at myself, it just would have made me sputter and giggle.

I believe I picked up this particular bug while on the plane to NYC. I felt my throat getting sore last night in the middle of the Tony Awards. It's feeling better now. Becasue it's a natural remedy I'm told I may "cleanse" as often as I like. I think I'm good for now.

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Trooperdog said...

You brave woman! I had seen the neti pot video before and thought, "That makes sense, I should get one!" But I haven't. I'm too scared. The idea of pouring water in my nose just freaks me out. But maybe I should get one. When I have a cold, I probably should experience that "warm, soothing sensation".