Thursday, June 12

Good time

I had another good day in the city. I have an early flight out of JFK tomorrow morning so I wanted to make sure dinner was early and close to our hotel. We ended up at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. I love Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. I had the best Caprese salad of my life tonight. I'm not a huge tomato fan but these beefsteak tomatoes were delicious. Add some outstanding mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar then fly in some Israeli basil for the top and you've got the best salad in town. I could smell the basil when they set the plate down. Man, was it great. I could eat that salad with every meal for the rest of my life and be happy. We had steak, asparagus and mashed sweet potatoes that I'm pretty sure they put crack in. We let the Manager surprise us with a dessert assortment and he did not disappoint. It was a very nice meal and evening with two good friends. We also happened to have a very cute, seemingly straight, waiter. My friend told him he had a fantastic voice (he did). As he walked away we shared this exchange:

Friend: *shaking head* Great voice.
Lucy: Good voice, good shoulders...
Friends: ... (all gazing in waiter's direction)
Lucy: ... good time.

They nodded in agreement.

On the way "home" we glanced over at a cab and saw a couple seriously making out. I mean really going for it. I wanted to tap the window and give them a thumbs up but was distracted by the dozens of Carnegie Hall performers spilling out into the street. They were all in formal wear, carrying flowers and instruments. Only in New York, right?

I'm now sitting comfortably in my room flipping between the Lakers game and PBS and packing. I'm not looking forward to my early flight but it will be nice to be home so early in the day tomorrow.

I took some pix today from a cab but they didn't turn out very well. Sorry, I tried! I'll make a better effort next time.

Disclaimer: Is it weird that so much my NYC posts have been about food? It occurred to me that this may be strange but I don't want to bore folks with work talk so I focus on the social/fun parts of my trips. Since I didn't get to any shows this time around my entertainment was all about meals out in the city. Sorry if it's been a boring week of posts.

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kb said...

Hey, you can comment on food anytime. I'll always read about it. The only disappointment in this post is that you didn't tell us what the dessert assortment was.