Sunday, June 1


My big girly weekend:

I enjoyed last long weekend so much that I decided to take this Friday off. I relaxed by getting a pedicure. I had picked up a few new nail polishes and I was anxious to try one out. I'm happy to report that I've found the perfect nail color in Opi's Dutch Tulips. Love it! I also got my hair cut and colored. I've been gradually cutting my hair shorter and shorter in the back while leaving it a bit longer in the front. It's more subtle than you might imagine. I think I like it. Over the years my super straight hair has developed a super weird wave. My hair is now wavy in the back and straight in front. Yuck. I still don't know how to control it but at least there's now less of it to control.

I then did some shopping. This has become a not-so-familiar habit since I've been saving. I generally avoid malls and most retailers and so far avoidance has worked. I now go shopping only if I have a goal in mind, I don't like to wander aimlessly. Trouble is, when I do go shopping I can really throw down. In fact, I had my palm read during the holidays and was told that I'm "good with money but when you do spend money you really know how to spend." 'Nuff said.

While leaving the mall my dear friend Stacey called. She said that she was sitting in a high school auditorium with my brother watching the girl's dance recital rehearsal. She then pleaded "Come entertain us. We'll be here 'til 8:00 and we may die." I headed on over with a couple of iced teas in hand. The rehearsal was indeed very long but it was nice to catch up a bit. My biggest concern was that the music they were dancing too was, I swear, the music my mother must have learned to tap to. It was bad. I had to sit through the whole thing the next night so I swore I'd have to bring my iPod to jazz it up.

Saturday morning I met my gay husband and 8 of his best girlfriends for a screening of Sex and the City at the Arclight. I loved it! However, I'm not sure I recommend this movie to the non-fans out there. It makes all the difference to actually care about these characters. Mostly I love that the characters have grown and developed so much since the show began. In the beginning it really was all about sex, parties and fashion. Now the ladies have grown older and wiser and are more concerned with finding happiness with or without men. It's a really nice evolution. I know this because I spent a sleepless Saturday night/Sunday morning re-watching most of the first season. I'm so obsessed that I wound up taking my Mom to see the movie again this morning because she really wanted to see it. I know... I'm crazy to spend that much time on one show/movie but it's been fun. Mom and I have been fans of the show since it first premiered on HBO a decade ago. Mom loved the movie as much as I did. She agreed that the movie is like the best SITC season all wrapped up in one fun glitzy movie. It was the first film Mom had seen in a theater in years. Her knee has been a problem for so long that sitting still in a cramped seat has been out of the question for ages. I asked when she last thought she'd seen a movie in the theater and she said, to the best of her recollection, she thought it must have been Forrest Gump. *gasp* The movie going experience has changed a lot since her last visit. She did not approve of the high prices at the concession stand. She jumped out of her seat when the show-offy sound system kicked in and asked "Is it going to do that throughout?". I later handed her a napkin because I anticipated tears when she turned and said through misty eyes "I'm already crying in the preview." The trailer for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants had gotten to her. We had a really nice time. Mom's knee held up very well and we'll be seeing more movies together soon.

On the way home I picked up some gerber daisies that match my toes. They're so pretty! I wanted something cheerful to last the week. We're supposed to learn our fates at work this week. I hate that it's all so out of my control. I'm working towards staying positive and believing that the powers that be will take care of me. The bummer is that I got a mandatory invite to a meeting with our VP along with the rest of my group... all except my boss. It's got me a little freaked but... well, I'll keep you posted.

And speaking of no control, I'm now getting ready to watch the season finale of The Tudors. Things aren't looking good for our friend Anne Boleyn. The Episode is titled Anne Awaits Her Fate in the Tower. We all know that can't be good.


shandon said...

"Anne Awaits Her Fate in the Tower"? Well, if the audience for The Other Boleyn Girl is any indication, not everyone out there can guess her fate and will be shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED. Amateurs.

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

kb said...

I agree with Shandon. You know there will be plenty of people out there with their mouths hanging open at the "complete surprise" of her beheading. Right now I'm enjoying a book about Mary Queen of Scots...unfortunately, we all know her fate, too! I just love this stuff!!