Sunday, December 14

Curses! *Shaking fist in air*

I knew it was too glad to last but it's over already? That's more than my poor heart can handle.

Damn you oil bastards! For the record, the second I'm able to buy a car that has nothing to do with you I will. Then you can suck it!

In the mean time I may just frame the photo below. You know, to remember the good old days.

And speaking of the good old days, it's only fair to inform you that I also equate those oil bastards with our old friend Dishonest John. Remember him? Well that's who I think of when I hear of prices going up. Curse you DJ! I will admit that hearing B&C sing "A Bob Clapett Cartoo-oon" makes me smile. That and seeing just how gay they all obviously are. Faaaaabulous!

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