Wednesday, December 24

Happy Christmas Eve

So, yes, I've been overworked and exhausted lately. I didn't get to half of the holiday things I meant to like hanging Christmas lights and sending cards. I've felt like a major loser until today. Today I walked out of the office at noon, as instructed, and actually left it all behind. I rushed home to wrap a few gifts and gear up for Mom's Christmas Eve dinner.

We lit a fire and exchanged presents with my brother and his family and had a wonderful time. My brother got the GPS he'd been wanting, my Dad got a hard core rain gauge that needed some set up and my nephew got to work on this humdinger. In other words, the boys geeked out and had a great time. Mean while my Mom, sister-in-law and I fought to bust Barbie from her pink remote control convertible. Later my niece raced Barbie's wheels against my nephew's remote controlled car that he happened to bring today. They raced up and down the drive way and planned to "ambush" their other Grandma when she arrived. I'm not sure what actually happened but they seemed to have had a good time. They then spent a lot of time checking on Santa's route on this site. It's so cute! All I know is that the Santa Tracker would have blown my mind when I was a kid.

Earlier in the day I was able to either email and/or speak with a couple of friends that have lately been MIA. It was good to hear they are well and safely at home. I'd been afraid one was trapped in an airport somewhere. The other seemed to have been lost in the throws of a new relationship. Turns out they broke up before Thanksgiving then sort of got back together again. I missed the whole thing but my friend sounds good to me so I'm happy for him.

As for work, I'm planning to go in on Friday, to wrap of a few things, then I'm taking a week off. I think I need to for my sanity. It's possible I'm coming down with a cold. I feel a little congested and my throat feels a bit scratchy but I don't even care. I have a roof over my head and a warm bed and cable. I'll be fine. I have wonderful friends and family. Does anything else even matter?

Maybe it's that A Wonderful Life is showing on tv but I think I may finally be feeling like it's Christmas. It's about time. I've been so wrapped up in work that I've barely been able to separate and enjoy a personal life. It's not like me. I need to get back to separating. It's so much better for me.

I'm off to wash my face, put on my pjs and Karen Neuberger socks (the only things that keep my feet warm these days) and hop into bed. It's time for some well deserved sleep.

Have a Merry Christmas.

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