Friday, January 2

Slowly but Surely

I'm definitely a gal into chick flicks. I like to think that most of the films I own are a reasonably literary group but chick flicks they remain. How do I know this? I know they are chick flicks because my brother would pretty much rather die than watch any one of them. I mean honestly, do you now of many men who would watch The Elizabeth Gaskell set much less own it? Not many. But I love it. North and South alone made it worthy of my collection.

Of course, this does not diminish my enjoyment of them. I love these films. Some were given as gifts and all are enjoyed and watched over and over again.

Today I added to my small "boy film" stack. It may be a petite stack but it's a respectable one as seen here:

I have The Godfather, The Godfather II, The Big Lebowski and now Band of Brothers. All films my brother would gladly sit through. (Well, maybe not GFIII. I'm not a fan of that one. I just pretend it didn't happen.) In fact The Godfather films are family favorites. My bro has taught his 7 year old daughter most of Marlon Brando's opening monologue. She is a great little mimic. Inappropriate? Yes. Funny? Absolutely!

(On second inspection I realize Sunset Blvd. is one of those greats that should not be labeled a chick flick. It can only be labeled as just plain great.)

I've been on vacation this week and have watched lots of movies, started a new crafty project, tried to forget about work and generally relaxed.

I watched The Forsyte Saga over the past few days and finished last night. That may be why I wanted to see Band of Brothers. That Damien Lewis plays such a tremendous A-hole in The Forsyte Saga. I almost felt sorry for him until he raped his wife. The creep made my skin crawl. I think I wanted to see him as a hero again... enter Band of Brothers. I far prefer David Schwimmer as the insecure dick-weed over the rather dreamy Mr. Lewis.

So, I'm now going to settle in for some Band of Brothers and more crafting. Do you think watching a really good WWII film and crafting is somehow disrespectful? It seems strange but I just can't help myself... all due respect to Easy Company.

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