Friday, April 9

Growing up

Today I saw a ridiculously tricked out Oldsmobile on my drive home. It had a custom glittery blue paint job and sparkly chrome rims. I was far from impressed. In fact, the first thought that went through my head was, "There's a guy with some messed up priorities." Then it hit me, I'm officially old.

Of course, I've seen signs of age... err... maturity in myself for ages but I started listing them in my mind this afternoon. Here are a few indicators that I am in fact getting really old:
  • I voluntarily make my bed every day (except when I'm sick).
  • I voluntarily shower every day (even when I'm sick).
  • I have never eaten a tub of frosting for dinner as I claimed to would "totally do" in Jr. high.
  • I wait ages before buying big ticket items.
  • I know how to save money.
  • I've never seen "The Hills" or "The OC"
  • My desire to lose weight has nothing to do with appearance and everything to do with well being.
  • I voluntarily get a medical check up every year.
  • I get the oil changed in my car according to guidelines of my warranty.
  • I look for ways to relieve my stress
  • I have a bottle of Aleve and a One-A-Day vitamins on my desk at all times. (Whoa, that's a rough one to admit.)
  • I subscribe to National Geographic, The New Yorker and Prevention magazines and actually read them.
  • I listen to NPR every day.
  • I do not know who most of the people on Dancing with the Stars are.
  • I read nutritional information in the grocery store and look for low fat/high fiber foods.
  • I've seen some favorite beauty products come and go move on to discontinued status (that used to only happen to my mother).
  • I'm starting to consider what to do in my "Second Act" career.
  • I turn off the tv more and more lately.
  • I have my hair colored every few weeks to cover the grey.
  • I still do not own a HDTV.
  • I hate going to the mall.
  • I know that young people in hot cars did not buy them themselves.
So there are a few of the symptoms I've notice about getting old. I don't think I'm alone here... am I?

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kb said...

You know I'm right there with ya' my friend! Though we had a blast way back when, I value my sleep too much to stay up as late as we used to. Also, if I backed over you now the way I did when we were in high school, it would probably be because my eyes and reflexes are not as good as they used to be and I'm totally OK admitting that!