Friday, April 2

Is it just me...

I was watching 16 & Pregnant on MTV (I'm not proud of it) and saw a familiar face.

This kid popped up on the screen:

He made me think of this kid:

Ok, so who's going to tell him this is coming?

I know it's mean but sheesh! Somebody has to tell him fame is fleeting.


shandon said...

I loved Jack Wild and was sad when he died in 2006. He was only 53 but looked like a wizened old man. :(

kb said...

I was so sad when he died. Puff n Stuff was such a happy part of my childhood! Funny, though, when we rented a DVD of those episodes a couple of years back, I thought, "how in the world did I watch this all the time?"

Chris Hyde said...

I didn't know Jack Wild died...and I can't believe he looked like THAT before he did!!!