Saturday, April 10

On the other hand...

Yesterday's post was all about signs that I'm getting old. Here are a few indictations that I'm still young at heart:
  • I can watch ridiculous amounts of tv when a marathon beckons. This weekend? Deadliest Catch is calling. (I know I said I was turning off the tv lately but that's on weeknights. Weekends are full throttle tv-fests!)
  • I still want to do that cross country road trip one day. That dream never dies.
  • Speaking of dreams, I still buy Lotto tickets every once in a while.
  • I'm getting a new digital camera and may even learn how to Photoshop!
  • I have been known to have popcorn for dinner.
  • Well, umm, this shared challenge probably isn't the most mature but I love it!
  • ... and this one was fantastic but not much more mature.
  • I can text!
  • I like this site and I'm giving these as baby shower gifts to all of my knocked-up friends.
  • The Onion still slays me.
  • I enjoy Farmville on Facebook.
  • I own a Nintendo DS.
  • When I picked up a few Fage fat free yogurts at Trader Joe's today and a moment later that lady, who had been standing there a while, let out a little groan when she reached for the last one, I thought "You gotta move faster than that sucka!"
  • When I see you weaving in and out of freeway lanes in your big dumb truck I am certain you have a wee penis.
So there.

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kb said...

I LOVE those Fage yogurts! Yummy! Love the wee penis comment, too. So true!