Wednesday, November 2

Life lessons

Ok, so here's the deal, I like Oprah but had a bit of a falling out with her when she, as I say, started the think she was Jesus.

I think the woman has done some good in this world. Hell, what she did to get people to read and then actually TALK about books was a pretty good thing. However, she is still just a talk show host, a good one, but a talk show host none the less. I had become so put off by her evangelical ways that I didn't really watch much of the last season of her show. When Oprah launched her OWN network I tried a couple of shows and even liked a couple (her behind the scenes show was a good time) but overall I looked at the programming and thought... ehh.

Well, last weekend I was filing bills and had the tv tuned to The Graduate on OWN. It was a perfect choice because I've seen the movie lots of times, knew what was going on and could mindlessly enjoy the soundtrack. A show I had, frankly, been avoiding came on but, because I wasn't paying much attention, I just let it roll. That show was Oprah's Lifeclass. I'd been avoiding it because, umm... that title. It's so God damned self righteous. Well, I admit that I was quickly sucked right in. Oprah makes me a little crazy but turns out we see eye-to-eye on a LOT of things.

I've now watched a few of the Lifeclasses and believe in and agree with most of what I've seen. Here are a few of my own life class lessons (because if Oprah can do it so can I):
  • You are responsible for the energy you bring to a room, try to make it positive. It could make, or break, somebody's day.
  • The world owes you nothing. You are responsible for yourself.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Be grateful for what you have. It's probably more than most have.
  • Bullies are incredibly insecure and want validation more than anyone else in the room. When confronted, they are the first to fold.
  • You can say anything if your intention is good.
  • We're all terrible listeners and need to practice being better at it (myself included)
  • Make sure those you love know it... without question.
  • You don't have to be sugary sweet to everyone every minute of every day but you do have to be decent to people.
  • Focus on what you're doing right now. You can't change the past and you can't control the future so don't obsess over either.
  • Your best friends are the ones who will welcome you into their home at 3 am when you're on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Keep those friends close. The rest are optional.
  • Why worry? It's all gonna fade.
So, there you have it: She-Blogger's LifeLessons in a nutshell. Turns out they are very much in line with Oprah's. I am secure enough to admit that I'm fine with that.

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