Sunday, May 4

Up too late

I've been shopping for a Mother's Day present (and got a good one!) then spending too much time on some new found online gems. I may be late to the party but have you enjoyed or yet? They're great!

I missed this weeks episode of The Office because I was watching Carrier. I caught it on hulu.come for free. There is a lot of fun stuff on there inlcuding that interview on late night television that you missed last night. There is a lot so enjoy on this site. Mostly it's television I've just not gotten to yet. The timing is a bit off though. My friend Tony is on a "kill you television" kick and he's got me thinking about limiting my tv viewing. I'm not a good viewer anyway. I barely pay attention to anything on a screen unless I'm in a movie theater. God only knows how much I miss while multitasking. Nevertheless, I figure a site like hulu might actually help me turn off the tv. I've got Tivo to fall back on and now hulu. If anything really earth shattering happens on tv it will show up on either or hulu.

If you're also into music you'll LOVE You just type in the name of an artist you like and Pandora will build a personal radio station around your entry. It's a fun way to listen to new music and hear some things you may not ordinarily be exposed to. Be careful with the forward button though, you're only allowed to skip so many songs in an hour (some sort of licensing agreement situation). Still it's a lot of fun and you can create several stations. It's not pop or rock-centric either. I entered "Vivaldi" and a nice selection of light classical played. The more the station plays the more you can "vote" on the songs. Your reviews help create the ongoing playlist. You'll have to set up an account but they just want your email address, birth year and gender. It takes 20 seconds to register and is worth it.

Have fun!

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Trooperdog said...

Yes, I love those sites too. I love my Pandora stations!