Saturday, October 18

In the Spirit

With Halloween on it's way I figured I'd let you in on one of my favorite spooky sites.

Where is this eerie corner of the web? Over on a site called Hours Of Darkness. It's a site that features hauntingly beautiful photography of deserted buildings and areas. Architecture and photography are two of my favorite things so this site makes me swoon. I'm particularly fond of the Modern Ruins link in the Galleries section. Check it out.

I mean honestly, is there anything creepier than an abandoned psychiatric hospital? And check out that deserted theme park. I bet that place made for some favorite childhood memories but look at it now. I look at that Methodist Church and it breaks my heart. What a beautiful building. Some of these places beg to be refurbished while others reek of past horrors and deserve to be left to fall into ruins.

Be warned though, this site can really suck you in. I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I always do.

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kb said...

For crying out loud, like I needed one more thing to suck up my time. This is just my kind of thing and I can't wait to check it out!