Thursday, October 30


I've been in deep, deep work mode lately. To give you any idea of how hard I've been working, I didn't leave the office until 9:00 pm last night then was back this morning at 7:30 am. I'm not normally a workaholic but I had to do well at this week's meeting. We do quarterly financial reviews to track our business. It's a long, painful process full of conference calls, spreadsheets, 18' rulers and stress. The past 2 weeks have been spent gathering info to explain any and all anomalies in our numbers. We just didn't have a clear idea of those anomalies until yesterday at around 11:00 am. Did I mention that we had to present it all this morning? Yeah, that's why I've been MIA lately.

My group was the first to present because my boss ROCKS and wanted us to get it over with. I'm so happy she volunteered us for the 9:15 time slot. We all did very well and I think made our boss proud. She's a really good coach and kept us on track.

So, what did I miss in the past couple of weeks? I hear there was a World Series. I think this is the first I've missed in decades. I know we don't yet have a new President yet. I think some new movies have come out that I'd like to see. I know I'm taking this Monday and Tuesday off and that I'll be voting and that I plan to get a pedicure tomorrow. I'm so happy.

What else? Any news you'd like to share? Lemme know!

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