Sunday, October 19

Shut-in Central

It's official. I've hit the wall. I can not stand one more political message. I am so sick of the constant barrage of political statements coming my way. They're in my email inbox, they're on the lawns of the homes I pass every day, and let's not forget the hysterical, lie-filled, non-stop ads on tv. I've had it! It's even pushed me to take desperate measures. After my incredibly busy week, I decided to be as much of a shut-in as possible this weekend. I don't often get the chance to be a shut-in but I managed to do so yesterday. It was great. After only one day at home, and not leaving the house once, I found myself enjoying the creepy comforts of QVC. While the QVC hosts are disturbingly chipper, and their fans are disturbingly inbred, they at least avoid politics so it's become a haven for me.

I'm now watching Paula Deen flirt with the gayest man on earth. I'm sure the AARPers out there just adore him so it's probably best they don't know about his sexual leanings. Then there's this chick who just LOVES herself. She spends more time looking at herself in the monitor than showing product. The shut-ins seem to like her too.

Here are a few of the things I was actually interested in from my weekend with QVC:
Bakeware ($43.92 for 11 pieces?! Are you kidding?)
Silicone Baking Boards (Cool!)
Philosophy - A Few Good Men ($35 for 3 lbs of Philosophy 3-in-1?! OMG!!! Too bad those scents don't do much for me.)

No wonder this country is in such terrible debt. We can sit on our butts, remote in hand, and charge, charge, charge to buy a bunch of crap we don't need. I've managed to resist but if I was home all day, all the time, I'm sure those sunshiney hosts would wear me down. I can resist over-priced, ugly, Joan Rivers jewelry (and, btw, what the hell is this?!) but Philosophy bath products? That's another story. That's my personal danger zone. It's a good thing I have to go back to work tomorrow.


kb said...

I'm with you. I love caller ID so I can avoid the political calls. When I do turn on the TV, it's to watch Food TV or HGTV. I'm loving Carter Oosterhouse and his show...he's quite dreamy!

shandon said...

Sean and I once got sucked into one of those "as seen on TV" ads and bought a Rocket Chef.

I think we've used it twice.