Sunday, October 5

Be Glad

It's been a good weekend. Yesterday I saw The Duchess with Heidi. We liked it, but agree that those Spencer women get the shaft every time.

Today, was a nice relaxing day. So relaxing that I decided to make a meatloaf with mashed potatoes. This meal is considered brother repellent because my brother would rather die than eat it. This fact always makes me smile to myself. I haven't made dinner in a long time. Maybe the cool weather helped but I felt like getting in the kitchen for a bit. I even remembered to turn on my iPod's Showtunes playlist. Showtunes make the best tunes to cook to because, they are the most fun to sing-a-long to.

Several weeks ago my Mom decided to make her old standby, Tuna Casserole. We used to eat Tune Casserole ALL the time in the seventies. My brother hated it eve more than meatloaf. When Mom told him she recently made Tuna Casserole for Dad, my brother groaned. We later heard that he told his nine year old son about Tune Casserole with a brief description "Grandma would mix mac and cheese with tuna and mushrooms." "BLECHHH!" my nephew replied. Later mom told my nephew that she also added peas to the dish. Thsi new development was enough to make the kid swoon and fall to the ground in disgust. Tuna Casserole is apparently not served at his house.

Besides cooking, I relaxed today by catching most of Silence of the Lambs on cable. I'd forgotten how good that movie is. I suppose you have to be in the mood for it so it's been years since I've seen it. Following SOTL I watched enough of The Shining to see that disturbing man-in-bear-suit-kneeling-at-the-bed scene. So many images in that movie are disturbing and that one is right up there with the freaky twins in the hall. *shudder* I then watched The Brave One. It all got to be a bit much for a Sunday afternoon so I decided to switch gears. I'm now washing the bummer of those movies off by watching Cheaper by the Dozen, Pollyanna and Annie back-to-back on TCM while getting a little work done. I also plan to do more of that dreadful online traffic school. The work part of my plan sort of stinks but the rest should be a good time. Weeeeeeeee!

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