Monday, November 3


Being election eve I'm avoiding all political coverage... again. What's the point? Unless someone key to one of the campaigns runs naked through a field with a kite I won't be tuning in.

I want to kick off a proposition that outlaws all campaigning until one month before election day. That's apparently how the Brits do it and I think they're on to something.

I also like Mom's idea for a proposition. Her idea was hatched while driving past all of the "Yes on 8" lawn signs in our neighborhood.

Lucy: "For the record, every time I see one of those signs I think 'thanks for letting the world know you're a bigot'. How are those fools more married if a nice gay couple isn't? What exactly are they trying to "Protect Marriage" from?"

Mom: "I know."

Lucy: ...

Mom: ... (thoughtfully)

Mom: "I want to launch a proposition that outlaws all divorce. Retroactively! I'd just love to watch all of those straight, family values, people FREAK OUT with a proposition like that. *chuckling to herself* No on divorce!!! Now that would be great."

I think she's right. That would be hilarious. After all, the same folks who love to quote the Bible and claim God forbids homosexuality seem to conveniently forget that the same Bible forbids divorce. Idiots.

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shandon said...

The Bible also says you're supposed to stone your neighbor if he's working on Sunday. Seen anyone do that lately? So many people take the smorgasbord approach to religion, picking and choosing what pleases them and ignoring what doesn't.