Wednesday, November 26


(How's that for a Gone With the Wind inspired shot?! Ya gotta hand it to Baz, he's never subtle.)

Today I treated myself to a matinee of Baz Luhrmann's new film Australia. It wasn't great but I liked it. Baz makes such pretty films. I like the the rose colored fantasy glasses he sees the world through.

Many claim the film is a love letter to Australia but I'd say it's more of a love letter to Hugh Jackman. Ladies, trust me, this is a good thing. Baz is gay, right? Well, regardless, I raise a glass to Baz and say "Thank you Mr. Luhrmann for shooting that hunka man in such an over-the-top and yummy light."

Baz and his Cinematographer shoot Mr. Jackman in such a gorgeous way as to make your knees buckle while you're seated. I'm serious. I think I may have let out an audible gasp at least once. Now, I've always thought Hugh was dreamy and when he sang and danced through his hosting duties of the Tony's I was done. This film only reinforces what I already knew about him and what People Magazine is now making tons of money from.

As for the story of Australia, it's good but like most Baz films it's exaggerated. I will say that that beautiful Aboriginal boy you've seen in the trailers carries the entire film on his little shoulders. He's a remarkable little man. I also was impressed with, once again, how little I know of other country's history and thier experience of WWII. I knew only the smallest details of the Lost Generations of Australia but this movie made me want to know more. I also really liked the mysticism of the Aboriginal people portrayed in the film. I've no idea how loyal/accurate it is to their culture, it's a film after all, but it seemed to be sincere in trying to get it right. The young boy and his grandfather are unforgettable.

Oh yeah, Nicole Kidman is in Australia as well but I'm not a huge Nicole fan and, frankly, I wasn't really paying much attention to her. It was all about Hugh. Well, not even all of Hugh. I don't think I spent much time looking at his face. Thanks again Baz! And yeah, I'd like to visit Australia now.

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shandon said...

Goddammit, I said I'd see that with you! Now I've got to convince Norman to go.