Thursday, November 6

Today while siting in the commissary at work, waiting for a friend, I had such a sad moment. I looked around the room and saw lots of cool fun people that I work with. I then glance over and watched as Brian grabbed utensils and made his way over to some friends and I thought "Brian can't get married because too many people in this state don't consider him a citizen worthy of full rights." I looked over and saw Lisa sitting with a newspaper quietly eating and thought "she can't get married either because too many Californians are bigots." Looking around I thought the same thing about another Brian, Max, Colleen, Kevin, Jim, David and Rex. These are only a few of the wonderfully talented, caring and kind people I genuinely enjoy working with who happen to be gay. It pains me to know that so many people feel so free to openly hate these wonderful people.

I know it's a generational prejudice and that eventually the old-fart-bigots will die off but it's a shame that we can't just get on with it. These are the same people who love to wave the American flag and boast of freedom and are so afraid of diversity and difference that they actively strip rights from perfect strangers. It's as if they think that if they cross their arms and hate gays long and hard enough they will stop being gay. It's so arrogant.

The only thing that makes me smile about the whole issue is this video that a straight co-worker, along with his wife and friends made to make a great point. I hope it makes you smile too.

(I told you I worked with funny, talented people.)

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