Tuesday, November 4

Keep the tamales hot

Well, I've happily done my duty. I voted. I said my little silent thank you to the suffragettes and gleefully punched my little ink-a-stamp in a way that would certainly have pissed off every conservative voter out there.

I did cause a small dust-up at my polling place when I tried to surrender my absentee ballot. I was supposed to be in NYC today for a meeting but plans changed (thank God!). At first the polling workers didn't seem to know what to do with me or my blank absentee ballot but soon a knowing poll worker swept in and told us what to do. I was thrilled to see a poll worker who appeared to be around 20 years old. It's usually the retiree set running the show at my polling place. I regard that kids presence as an excellent sign of the way things will hopefully go from here on out. I keep hearing about the young American vote, this was the first real evidence of it.

Last night , while signing off at the end of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart looked into the camera and implored the new young voters to get out and vote by saying: "To all the youth voters out there, DO NOT BLOW THIS FOR US!!! Every four years we hear about your vote rocking powers and every four years you stay home and play Super Mario. Not this time!" It's so true. So to my little poll working friend I say thank you! Thank you for giving a crap and making your generation look so much smarter than those of late.

After voting, I spoke with Heidi to check in on her on this nerve-wracking day. I then spoke with my cousin who called to remind me to "rock the vote". Admittedly, when I picked up his message, my first thought was "Al's dead". Al (aka Al-Hole) is my ultra conservative, abusive, grandfather. My second thought was "I hope he went before he could vote." When I admitted these wrong and dark thoughts to my cousin he laughed until he cried. I then said "I'm sorry but I can't always control what rushes through my mind. I know I'll burn in hell." He agreed then said "Keep the tamales hot for me until I get there!"

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