Tuesday, November 18


Needless to say, I've been neglecting my poor little blog. This is primarily due to my hectic work schedule. I'm working at a pace I've never before endured. The workload and pressure are almost overwhelming. The saving grace is that everyone I work with feels the same way. Just when I think its just me, and I'm losing my mojo, some poor co-worker stumbles into my cubicle, and slumps over in a chair and tells me a familiar story of barely feeling able to tread water.

I've not been getting very much down time and that's not helping matters. For instance, I chose to leave for NYC on a Sunday and return on the following Friday. Why wold I volunteer to skip one whole day of my precious weekend? Last night I got home around 6:45, ate a quick dinner, then sorted through my work email inbox until past 11:00. The bottom line is that I'm not giving myself enough time to recharge and it's taking a toll on my state of mind. By the way, I DO NOT recommend sorting though hundreds of emails right before bed. Your brain can not stop churning and it leads to a distracting night of tossing and turning.

Believe me, I understand these are enviable problems. I have a good job at a seemingly solid company. I work with wonderful people and genuinely enjoy my work. Considering these times, I'm a lucky girl. Still, it's been challenging.

On the bright side, if I can catch up enough to feel comfortable, I can take next week off. Woo hoo!!! So far I've managed to get a lot of items checked off of my To Do list. I am seriously looking forward to and in need of some time off. When I'm off work I'm very good at separating and leaving it all behind. I just hope I'm able to do it.

What will I do with a whole week off? Here are a few genius ideas:
  • Get a pedicure
  • Read something... anything
  • Make my Christmas cards
  • See some movies
  • Eat some turkey
  • Sleep in as much as possible
  • Spend my b-day gift card at my favorite independent bookstore
  • Watch some Netflix'd movies
  • Write something... anything
  • Be a shut-in for at least one day
  • Pray for rain
  • Start a new cross-stitch project
  • Determine my Christmas shopping list and maybe do something about it
  • Sit up in bed with magazines and see what my friend Tivo has to share
  • Sip tea
  • Dine with friends (who's in?!)
  • Lay down
I know, I know, these are lofty goals but a girl's gotta start somewhere.

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