Friday, November 7


I know, I know, I sick of politics too but...

Today a friend sent me this link and I was very impressed. The President Elect is asking for ideas from us. I know, shocking isn't it? The guy actually wants to know what we think. You mean he understands that he works for us and not oil companies? What the... ? Poke around to see what I mean. I remain so damn happy about my vote.

On a silly front, guess what I got for myself with some b-day money. I'll give you a hint, it's a gadget that has been heavily advertised to lure ladies like me to join it's legions of young fans. Give up? I bought a Nintendo DS Lite and I love it.

Yup, I've even decorated it too. Before you judge, please keep in mind that it's my job to think like a girl anywhere from the age of 3-12 so that might help explain the color choice and customization. Also, it all helps cement my status as World's Best Auntie.

So far my favorite games are Mystery Case Files and Mario Kart. MCF reminds me of that hidden pictures game in Highlights magazine. I loved that puzzle when I was a kid! You know you loved it too. Here is a link to remind you of what you used to do while waiting for the dentist when you were 7. I like Mario Kart for several reasons but mostly because you can ram other karts off the course. Legal road rage! Hooray!!! I think I'll like the other games as soon as I invest a little more time in them. A girl's got to have goals.

I'm flying to New York on Sunday and this will be a fun way to waste time on the plane. A girl can not live by iPod alone, after all.

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