Wednesday, November 19

That was weird

Today I was in a class for the entire day. It was all about corporate culture/politics and how to maneuver through it all. It was a good class that anyone in a corporate environment should take.

About half way through the day, while in the middle of an intense dialogue, an HR person left the room then quickly returned. She sheepish pointed behind her, then to a door in the corner, and said "Um, she has to dust for finger prints on the door. It might be a little distracting but don't let it disrupt the class."

Umm, what?!

Everyone just sat silently with a giant WTF look on their faces. The instructor kept going even when the woman, with the shirt that read FORENSICS across her back, passed behind the instructor to dust the door he had been opening and closing all day. She soon left and we went on with the class.

It wasn't until about 15 minutes later that the instructor stopped, shook his head and said "In all my years I've never had a more surreal experience in a class." I took the opportunity to ask "What the hell is behind that door?"

Turns out there had been some theft in the building. Phew! I thought there was a body behind that door.

Later, we all decided we too should wear cool shirts, like the nice forensics lady, with our department written in large block letters across our backs.

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