Friday, March 13

Knock out!

I almost hopped online last night at 11:30 to blog about this but was just too tired. I'm doing it now instead.

Last night I watched Jon Stewart clean Jim Cramer's clock and it was amazing. I was a journalism major and have been disappointed with the media more and more as the years have flown by since college. I was thrilled to see somebody ask difficult questions, to the point of being uncomfortable to watch, and still just keep on going. It is incredibly rare in modern day interviews. It was such a relief!

It's ridiculous that Jon Stewart is turning out to be the best media critic out there but the guy is whip smart and isn't afraid to attack those who deserve it. After Jon Stewart's now infamous appearance on Crossfire, Cramer should have had a clue but he seemed humbled and without a lot fight in him. It was ugly.

I'm sure plenty of folks out there are whining that mean old Stewart shouldn't pick on poor little Cramer but too bad. To be fair, late in the interview, Stewart acknowledged that it's unfortunate that Cramer has become the poster boy for all that MSNBC got wrong. Regardless, Stewart never eased up. I'm so happy to know there is somebody out there willing to do cringe worthy interviews. God knows it can't be easy. Backing down has been the typical journalistic response for far too long. I'm glad media folks are seeing what Jon Stewart is capable of and that they really need to be more respectful of him. Frankly, they should fear him because he's smarter than all of them. Now if The Daily Show could just book Rush it would be a dream come true.

If you missed the interview, it's all here. There was a lot more that didn't air. It can be found here.

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