Sunday, March 8

Best Gun Show Ever!

So, I've been dealing with a cold for the last week. I didn't miss work because, unlike my last illness, a cold is portable. I did, however, stay home for most of the weekend for some R & R. While resting I discovered a favorite new show on DIY Network called Desperate Landscapes. I love a good before and after show especially if they can do it in a 30 minute show format. I like Desperate Landscapes because the before and afters are dramatic and the host is cute. Best of all, the guy's got great guns. I've always loved men with big arms but throw in some landscaping and carpentry know-how and you've got yourself a dream man. With skills like that the guy rivals even these guys.

The other fun new show I'm enjoying this fine weekend is Indoors Out. It's all about building outdoor "rooms" in ordinary backyards. The hosts are very likable Italian cousins who really know their stuff. I'm learning all about outdoor decking, stones and masonry. Cool! Again, the before and afters are impressive so I'm a happy gal.

I watched some of Renovation Realities but it can be a painful show to watch. The show often resembles a train wreck. I recommend cocky DIYers take a gander before ripping up their kitchens. More than once I heard someone on this show say "The worst thing that can happen is that the house could blow up." Umm, yeah, that's why you should hire a professional.

The only trouble is that the DIY Network is really making me want a backyard of my own. I'm taking notes on how to do some low maintenance landscaping. I don't relish the thought of mowing a lawn but I like the idea of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Hmm, well, a girl can dream.

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