Sunday, March 8

Small World

A few months ago Mom visited our local insurance agency. Our family has used the same insurer for decades. While there she inquired about the man behind the business. He was there and came out to say hello. They quickly fell into conversation when he asked, as many do, where my Mom was from. She has a Texas accent so he asked what part of Texas she was from. Long story short, our insurance broker is from my Mom's small home town. They went to the same high school but several years apart. Amazing!

This weekend I received an email from one of the women in the insurance office. I apparently sent her a book from Bookmooch. She recognized my last name on the return label and wanted to say hello. We keep having these funny little coincidences with our local insurance office.

Best of all my new book buddy turned me on to another fun swapping site. I'm now on Paperback Swap and a sister site Swap-a-DVD. They're great! I may like them even better than Bookmooch because with a little deposit from PayPal I can do one-click printing of all shipping labels with postage. No need to visit the post office anymore. I just drop them in any mail box and I'm done. It's great! I've already sent four DVDs and should receive two in about a week. I didn't even officially ask for my DVDs. I just put a few movie titles on a wishlist and next thing I knew I had a email informing that my request had been accepted and my DVD was on the way. Cool!

If you've got some old books or DVDs that you don't plan to revisit I highly recommend these sites. They also have a Swap-a-CD site. Time is hard people, share and enjoy!

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