Friday, December 10

Getting old

I'm getting old. How do I know this? Because, after decades, I finally like Company. No, not visitors. I mean Company... you know, the Sondheim show. I really like it now. It used to bug the hell out of me. You know, all of those "Bobby"s, but now I genuinely like it. It's a grown up show. I guess you have to have a have a few rings in your trunk to get it. I'm apparently there.

I wanted to see it in NYC but never had the chance. I really wanted to see Raul Esparza sing his ever loving guts out in it but missed it. Tonight I watched a Great Performances recording of it and was mesmerized. His Being Alive brought me to my knees. You have to go on the whole journey of the show for the finale to have it's full impact but here ya go:

Wonderful, isn't it?

A couple of weeks ago I saw another show I'd been wanting to see for ages. I finally saw Next to Normal and it tore my guts out. I'm serious. Tony and I cried through most of the second act but we loved it. I hesitate to even post this stuff out of context because in context it's one of the best shows I've seen in LA.

If you want to know what's going on here I'll tell you but I wish you'd go see the show instead.
Oh, and I thought the father and son performers I saw were better than those in featured here and on the original cast recording. That's Alice Ripley and she won the Tony for this role. Come to think of it, Raul won for the one above.

And speaking of Tony, here is my dear friend Tony singing I'm Alive from Next to Normal.

Isn't he good?! He had just learned the lyrics when he recorded this. He apologized for a couple of flat notes but, Christ, I can't sing like that. Can you? Go Tony, go!!!!

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