Saturday, December 11


Remember tv theme songs? I've decided that I really miss them and I wish they'd make a comeback. Here are a few of my childhood favorites:

I don't recall all of the chatting in this intro but I sure do remember Bill Bixby's voice. I still like the sound of it.

I remember this show making Mom and Dad slightly uncomfortable. I assume it was the occasional adult subject matter but I was in love with the theme song. It's super goofy but it's also super fun. This one seems to be the beginning of Happy Days.

I'm sorry but no self respecting kid of the 70s EVER missed The Love Boat. I liked the theme but put it up here because, for the life of me, I can't imagine what could have persuaded Halston, Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt to appear on this show. It couldn't have been the money, right? I mean those three were a few of the wealthiest folks from the 70's. WTH?

Ok, here is one of my all time faves from the 70's. How good does this sound?! I loved this show but I don't think I knew it came from a great old movie until the 90's. I'm sure Mom told me but where would I have had the chance to see it? Were talking pre-DVDs and TCM, people. Yes, those were tough, tough times.

This seems to be some sort of extended edition of the theme but it's the best I could find. Another fantastic theme.

"...and a new day has bee-gu-uh-uhn..." I dig it!!

Yay!! Mr. French rocks!!!

Ok, now that I'm older and wiser I get it. A truck driver who hangs with a chimp is entirely unacceptable no matter how great he looks. (... the trucker not the chimp.) Awesome theme song though.

I remember Geraldine more than I remember The Flip Wilson Show theme. I vividly recall my parent's howling with laughter during this show. I was too young to understand it but Geraldine made me laugh too. Flip rocked and always will.

Who knew Wait Til Your Father Gets Home aired on BBC1? Bizarre.

This is here more out of curiosity than theme nostalgia. I ask you, how in hell does a mash-up like this ever come to pass? This one seems to be the result of some loser's obsession with Lynda Carter but... Penny Marshall in a swim relay? WTH?!

And just when you thought things couldn't get any more bizarre...

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kb said...

Love, love, love all of these! Thanks so much for the flashback. Now I'm going to make my kids listen to them. Ha, ha!!