Wednesday, March 5

I'll take Manhattan

I've been wanting to post these past few days but I've been ridiculously busy. I'm in Manhattan for work and my schedule was assigned to me. We travel in a pack and descend upon poor unsuspecting partners for several hours at a time. Each day I'm in meetings from about 9:00 am to 4:30 - 5:00, then we get together for work dinners... that's when the nights get long. Last night was my only chance to catch up on work so I chose to stay in to work online. I got in around 6:30 pm and worked online until 11:30pm. I was nodding off at my computer when I finally decided to call it quits. This morning I had to get up at 6:30 am and got back to my room at 8:30 pm. I'm very tired. Don't get me wrong, for the most part, I like business travel. I have a very social job that requires a lot of meetings on both a business and creative level. It can even be fun.

Tonight I ate at Koi. I've been to the LA Koi, and liked it, but it's a hot spot for young Hollywood and the paparazzi so it's annoying. The NY Koi was just as tasty but completely sans "scene". Thank God! As usual, when eating sushi, others order for me. A yummy assortment of food arrives and I dig in without knowing the name of anything much less what it is. Tonight's dinner was no different but just as yummy. We decided the chef at Koi must sprinkle a little crack over the dishes. They're all amazing. If you ever have the chance to dine at Koi, I highly recommend the Baked Crab Roll. Deee-lightful. Not so delightful was the cab driver who dropped us off. We knew Koi was next to Bryant Park, and the cabbie agreed, but he may have thought we said "toy" not "Koi" because he dropped us on the far corner of Bryant Park very close to something that resembled a sex shop. Hmm.

As for my accommodations, I'm in a small boutique hotel this time. One of our VPs used to be based in LA but spent two weeks a month in NY. We are all staying in the hotel that used to be her home away from home. When I checked in, there where about 10 co-workers mingling behind me just getting back from dinner. I leaned over the front desk and whispered "Can I get a quiet room away from all of these maniacs?" while sticking my thumb over my shoulder. The woman at the desk brightly said "Oh, you're on the penthouse level." Wha?! Me?! Now, before anyone gets too excited, I like my room but it's not a penthouse. I assume there is a penthouse on this floor but I'm not in it. My room is small but an average size for NYC. I do, however, have an adorable terrace. Now that's something I've never had in New York. I love it! Too bad it's 40 degrees outside whenever I'm at "home". The service here has been amazing. I'm not sure if it's because they think I'm a big shot or if that's how they treat everyone. As I come and go the doorman says "Have a good day Ms. Lucy's last name" when I come back, it's "Welcome back Ms. Lucy's last name". It's awesome! I've made friends with Gio, the IT guy, and Rebecca, the nice lady at the front desk.

When I first heard I'd be staying here, I was slightly annoyed to learn that they didn't offer room service for breakfast (something I'd NEVER pay for on my own, by the way). I have certain habits when I travel, some are specific to Manhattan. In New York, I LOVE to order breakfast in my room and read the NY Times with the Today Show on. I like to end the day in bed reading The Daily News. It's just so dreamy.

The initial sadness about "No Room Service" in the mornings quickly vanished. We've all been meeting downstairs in the lounge for breakfast and it's been a nice way to start each day. The room rate is good here, by Manhattan standards, so I think I'll be back. Best of all, is the location. This cute little hotel is within 4 blocks of all of our meetings. I love that! It's also very close to Macy's Harald Square. Of course, that can also be trouble. Umm, have I mentioned that I have a problem with that particular Macy's? It's the one place I tend to drop way more money than I should. Today, I ran in and bought a necklace and earrings to go with the outfit I had on. This is something I would NEVER do at home but somehow being in NY it makes perfect sense to accessorize on your way to a meeting. Whatever. I also tend to lust after shoes and bags when I'm in New York. I saw a fantastic bag today, and it still haunts me, but it was $400 and I couldn't justify buying it. I loved that bag and that kind of love doesn't happen for me very often but I can live without it... for now.

Of course, it's not all fun and games. There is work to be done but that's too boring to mention here. There are the occasional New York freaks you hear about. On my last trip, I was standing on a corner trying to hail a cab when a co-worker grabbed my crooked elbow and yanked me towards her. She quickly shook her head and nodded towards the man next to me and whispered "He's touching himself. Step away!" Ewwww! My stepping away from him didn't seem to slow him down one bit. He walked across 5th Avenue and kept right on with the business at hand (pun intended). Gross! Most people are very nice and even helpful. Sadly I can't be one of them. Last night a nice Parisian woman asked how to get to Broadway and I couldn't help her. I could only mumble something about it slicing through the island and that no matter what you'd run into it eventually.

***Just in***
My beloved Apple Airport (my wireless router) is down. It had to be disconnected which means no more wireless access for me and my laptop and *gasp* my Tivo. What will I do?!?!?!? Damn! I hate technical difficulties. Blog posts may be a rarity for a while folks. Wish me luck.


shandon said...

Good luck. Damn! I hope you're up and running soon -- I love your posts from the road.

Trooperdog said...

I love your posts from the road too. I've never been to NYC, so I love hearing about it!