Saturday, March 22

What the hell happened to Charlie Rose?!

Last night I caught a good episode of Charlie Rose. David McCullough was the evening's guest so, of course, I was sold. I settled in for a nice relaxing geekfest all about American history when what do my eyes see? Poor Charlie Rose looked to have been in some sort of terrible bar fight. (Cool!) Or maybe Charlie and David had some sort of a pre-show scuffle? Who knew?

This morning I had to know so I Googled "What happened to Charlie Rose's Face?" and was led to this site. Turns out Charlie suffered a tremendous face plant on the streets of NYC while trying to save his brand new MacBook. Now there's a man after my heart! Although I'm ashamed to admit that I sort of prefer the idea of a Charlie Rose vs. David McCullough smackdown.

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shandon said...

I think the MacBook thing is a cover story and there really were some fisticuffs involved. Whoohoo, cerebral smackdown!