Saturday, March 15


For those interested, Mom is doing great. In fact, she's doing better than expected. She walking around with her walker and even walked up steps today. She gets home tomorrow and we all can't wait. I'm so happy this surgery is behind her. All in all it's been a good experience. Her doctor is excellent and meticulous. One of the nurses said "If he hadn't been a surgeon, he would have been a great tailor." He made Mom's incision look amazing. The nurses have all been great too. Mom and I were talking today about how nursing seems to be the one vocation that is always in demand. Even when I got out of college, and no jobs were available, the classified were full of ads for nurses. I'm guessing it's the same these days. It got me thinking that maybe I should have given nursing a try.

Me: Maybe I should have been a nurse.
Mom: You'd have been a good nurse.
Me: I would have been a bad-ass nurse.
Mom: You would have been a bad-ass mortician.

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