Tuesday, August 5

No Thanks. I'm reading.

Client, from out of town, calling from car: Do you want to go out to dinner tonight? I'll take you anywhere you want to go.
Lucy: Umm, I can't.
Client: Why, what are you doing?
Lucy: Well, I'm ... reading.
Clinet: What are you reading?
Lucy: It's embarrassing.
Client: Oh come on, what are you reading?
Lucy: Seriously, its embarrassing.
Client: OH MY GOD! I totally know what you're reading. You're reading that Breaking Dawn book aren't you?
Lucy: No! Of course not. I'm reading the one right before it... book three.
Client: I can't believe you're going to read instead of coming out with me tonight.
Client (to others in the car): "Can you believe she's going to read instead of coming out with us?"
Voice from the car/background: Yes. It's Twilight, I don't blame her. Go home!
Client: Wow.
Lucy: Sorry.
Client: ...
Lucy: ...
Client: You know I completely understand, right?
Lucy: Thanks.

Earlier in the day another ordinarily reasonable co-worker breathlessly ran to me and another friend and said "Oh my God! Last night I bought that Twilight book you guys were talking about and I finished it this morning! I love it!!!"

This is getting ridiculous.

Thank God for fellow readers who understand the draw of a fun book. Where would we be without them?

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