Saturday, August 16


I finished the Twilight series early last week. About 20 other women in my office are just as obsessed as I am with the books. A book club is forming from the series. Some women admit to having mid-life crisis' because of the books. A newlywed friend looks up from her book to see her husband burping or scratching and rolls her eyes in disgust. Another friend is planning her wedding and can't stop thinking that her fiance has never looked at her the way Edward looks at Bella. It's bad. It's an epidemic.

I'm now reading the author's adult book, The Host. So far I like it. It's strange but good.

As for other obsessions, I'm losing sleep watching the Olympics. My new favorite thing to do is hit the mute button on the tv and watch gymnastics, swimming and diving with my iPod on 'til about 1:00 am. I highly recommend iPod part, not the staying up too late on a week night.

Today was the first time in about a month that I didn't have to be anywhere all day. It's been heavenly. My plan was to read, upload CDs (I'm' up to Cabaret in my Soundtracks collection) and watch some tv. I had no interest in the USA Basketball game so I popped disc one of Friday Night Lights on the DVD player. I've pretty much been a shut-in ever since. Several friends recommended the show to me and one loaned the Season One DVDs to me. So far I'm liking it but what I'm really looking forward to is the release of Dexter on DVD next week. I'm sure that will kick off a whole other obsession.

On the life-is-getting-grown-up front, I've been getting house listings from my realtor every day for a couple of weeks now. I finally got one I liked Thursday night. It was for a very cute house in Pasadena not far from Shandon's place. I called my realtor and asked her about it. She called me right back with the info after speaking with the listing agent. It's a cute, clean house because it's owned by and investment company. "Oh, forget it." I told her. In this market I'm not going to haggle with professional flippers for my house. I'm looking for somebody who has to sell and has to compromise. That certainly isn't difficult to find these days so why bother with the pros? My realtor agreed. I really like her. She seems very protective of my future home purchase and is not at all pushy. I love that about her. We discussed how lucky I am to be in the position that I'll know my house when I see it. I'm getting impatient but know that the more I wait and save, the better. And if all of that isn't enough, work is getting stressful. I've been put in charge of a pretty big business. I'm flattered and know I can do it but the stress is beginning to build.

It should be an interesting year.

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