Tuesday, August 12

Was that innappropriate?

Today, during a meeting about several new projects, Jake Gyllenhaal's name came up. He's shooting a new film in which he appears shirtless and the pix were apparently all over the internet today. My favorite Creative Director, sitting at the end of the table, got up and crossed the room, mid-meeting, to proudly show me this pic on his Blackberry:

Creative Director: *waiting for my reaction*
Lucy: Whoa! Now that's why I watched Jarhead. It's just like 300, I hit mute and enjoy. I really don't care what they're talking about.

Let's just say the ladies in the room agreed with me. The men, on the other hand, just shook their heads. (Aww, poor babies don't like being objectified? Cry me a river.)

About 20 minutes later a female Executive VP sat down across from me. Here's the disturbing part: After a few minutes she slid her Blackberry across the table at me with the same image on the screen while waggling her eyebrows up and down. What kind of reputation do I have anyway? I've apparently made other inappropriate comments before. I'd try to be more diplomatic in the future but the powers-that-be seem to not only like but encourage my off color remarks. Hmm, it's a fine line I walk, don't ya think?

But just between you and me, I highly recommend watching 300 on mute and with your iPod on. Good times, good times indeed. See what I mean:

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shandon said...

See, I make comments like yours all the time, and yet somehow I've been excused from having to attend out upcoming sexual harassment training session.