Thursday, August 21

One more thing

I'm not so afraid of my story drifting away so I'm branching out. I even went to lunch with Shandon today. I had to get out to replace the completely useless Thesaurus I owned. I couldn't find my beloved American Heritage Dictionary but it's sort of spendy so I refuse to buy a new one. I went on an full blown search for it this afternoon.

All of my books are boxed in the garage. We've had a bit of a mouse infestation lately so I was a little scared to dig through the storage closet where my books are but I needed that damn dictionary. I poked around and saw that the new box of mouse poison had been disturbed. I also saw droppings. Gross!! Through the carrier hole of one box I could see lint from the dryer that some resourceful critter had dragged up there. I almost didn't open that one but I knocked on the box and jumped back hoping nothing would leap out at me. Nothing did. After much disruption of the mouse house I found my dictionary. Hoorah! I also found my fun Timetables of History book. It's just what I needed! Oh, and according to the book we're due for a plague and I'm pretty sure I breathed in some plague today. If this is the beginning of the end, my apologies for bringing Black Death back. (By the way, I don't think the plague looked as good as depicted above.)

And thank you for the kind comments. I won't be sharing my story online (sorry Troop!) but frankly, even in person, it's difficult. Shandon and I agree that most of the best stories sound completely ludicrous when briefed. I have trouble putting mine in a nutshell. No matter what I say it sounds stupid so I'm just not talking about it much.

I will say the characters have been making me laugh. I take that as an encouraging sign.

Ok, I'm off for some dinner and more writing.

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