Tuesday, April 26

Bacon fever

Ok, I admit it. I'm beginning to catch this wedding fever.

I'm a big anglophile who loves the Kings and Queens of England but I typically obsess on the old school royals. You know, crazy old Henry VIII and the Queen Elizabeth I are the types I like. The current Queen is fascinating and the life she's led has got to be crazy town but we'll never know. That's one (honest) autobiography that we'll never see. I enjoy her but she's not my favorite. Her grandsons, however, have long been faves. It's been nice watching them grow up. They've both stepped up to their expected duties and done well. They've proven to be great humanitarians very early on. They seem to be genuinely down to earth good guys. They look awesome in uniform. I join the most of the world in liking them and wishing them well.

As for this wedding fever, we all know the wedding ceremony is a hot ticket but the reception is supposed to be the white hot ticket. It seems Her Royal Highness will jet out of town with Prince Philip leaving the kids to party all night long at Buckingham Palace. (Can you imagine?!) This is all good stuff but so far, my very favorite wedding rumor is that Prince Harry has ordered supplies to make bacon sandwiches for those guests who make it all the way through the night and find they need a sunrise snack. I can't think of anything more fun than Harry making bacon sandwiches at 6:00 am in Buckingham Palace. I like that kid. The fact that he considers making bacon critical to the celebration of his brother's wedding celebration makes him my new favorite royal.

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kb said...

I love that he's making bacon sandwiches! Man, I would give ANYTHING to be a fly on the wall at this wedding and reception.