Friday, April 22

Day 5 - 30 day song challenge

A song that reminds you of someone. That is today's question.

This is a tough one because so many songs remind me of so many people. However, if I have to pick one, I suppose I'll pick Singin' In the Rain. That song always makes me think of my Mom.

One day, about 25 years ago, Mom and I were browsing Blockbuster together. We eventually made our way to opposite sides of the store as Singin' In the Rain played on the mounted tvs. Suddenly, without any conspiring on our part, during that famous rain soaked scene, Mom and I looked across the store at each other and in unison with Gene Kelly threw back our heads, spread our arms wide and sang "I'm happy again!". We prompty fell apart in surprised laughter at each other. I have no recollection if anyone noticed us acting like twin movie geeks or not. It didn't matter. We didn't do it for any other audience but each other.

That's why Singin' In the Rain makes me think of her. I love you Mom!

(In case you're not familiar with this, and you should be, I'm talking about the moment captured at 2:10 in the clip above.)

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