Wednesday, April 27

Day 7

Name a song that reminds you of a certain event.

When Dad was transferred to Yucca Valley for work, he had to live alone in an apartment for a little while until we sold our house, bought a new one and we transferred schools. I remember Dad's sad little apartment. He hated living there during the week without us. He was in the apartment for a couple of months or so and he was miserable. I let him borrow some of my records to help the place feel more like home when he was alone all week. One of the records was Linda Ronstadt's Simple Dreams.

I still like that album but Poor, Poor Pitiful Me entirely reminds me of the move to Yucca Valley. The title was perfect for that time in my life. It not only described Dad living without us but it perfectly captured how I felt about having to move to the middle of nowhere. :(

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