Monday, August 6

The Big Weekend

Man, am I beat. I had a very busy weekend but a lot of fun as well. After seeing the fabulous Jersey Boys, I saw my friend perform as Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. She was wonderful. I went with Tony and Lynn and we all loved the cutie playing Gaston. Well, some of us loved him more than others. We said hello to Mrs. Potts after the show then waited to get a good look at Gaston. Tony literally shrieked when he saw him. The actor soon retreated backstage but eventually came outside again. Tony yelped at the reappearance and made my heart stop. He scared the hell out of me. Gaston was definitely cute but seemed a little freaked out by his new stalker. It was a damn good time.

Sunday was spent preparing for a mini-high school reunion. It was a lot of fun. Lots of laughing and good food and some excellent margaritas were the highlights. We were missing one key player known here as Trooperdog. Troop, we all hope you can make it next time. It's a lot of fun but just not the same without you.

Naturally, I was responsible for the most inappropriate comment of the evening. When a cute kid was attempting to make a break for the lower and perilous part of the back yard, his mother gave a warning to be rethink the journey when I blurted "Oh, let's just see if Darwin was right." (What the hell is wrong with me?) Our backyard is great but really not appropriate for kids. There are steep drop-offs, a pool and lots of varmints. I'm sure there must be rusty nails buried out there somewhere too. No matter, as luck would have it all of the kids passed the Darwin test and proved to all be more than capable of surviving. It may have been Kb's warning that the pool had poison in it. That seemed to sufficiently scare the children. I'm certain I'm now known as a witch or something. Poison in the pool? Her family is so like mine when it comes to scaring children into submission.

Best epiphany of the night: Turns out many of us still know most of the words to Fish Heads. It was a proud moment.

Strangest child obsession: Yellow squash. Kb's daughter found a rather large yellow squash in Dad's garden and adopted it. Eventually abandoned, another sweet kid adopted it and took it home. I still have no idea why the squash was so popular with the under 6 set.

Promise: We'll do it again next year.

Oh, and I finished book 7 of Harry Potter. I haven't been able to read it all weekend due to some unusually late nights. I was so afraid that I'd get into some big action sequence late, late at night and miss something that I just didn't bother. That is until this morning, when I knew I could sleep in if necessary. I awoke at 3:00 am and read a few chapters. I then found a relatively "slow" point of the story and fell back to sleep. I finished the book around noon. I loved it! Shandon and Kb finished it ages ago and have been kind enough to not discuss it when I've been around. Thanks guys!! I know it must have been difficult but thanks, in part, to you I got to finish it without coming across any spoilers and I couldn't be happier. My big challenge now is to figure what to read next. I'm so behind on tv viewing that I've almost lost the habit. I could use a little break after all that Potter action. Whew! I think I have an issue of Cooking Light and a DVD of Miss Potter and an early bed time in my future.


Thom Singer said...

Oh and let us not forget Kb telling the lovely five year old miss Kate that "M&M's are good for you", thus leaving the kid the opportunity to abandon all healthy food for the rest of the night with the arguement "that lady said these are healthy".

Upon my arrival home in Texas, I mentioned something about dark chocolate when miss Kate piped up with "They put spinich in dark chocolate!!!". When I asked where she had heard such a thing, she replied "from that lady at the party last night". Hmmmmmm, Kb ? She Blogger? It made me laugh.

Trooperdog said...

"Fish heads, fish heads, rolly-polly fish heads. Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum!" Funny, a friend of mine up here was singing this with me just the other night!

I wish I could have been there. I'm glad you all had a blast. It's nice to be missed! Even if the whole fam doesn't come to California next summer, I'll try to be there!

shandon said...

My favorite moment was being so involved in eating my cupcake that I completely missed Lucy's polite, concerned inquiry about Trish's health. "Hmmmff - wha?" I mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate frosting. Fortunately, Lucy started to laugh, so perhaps I didn't come across as COMPLETELY insensitive. Just, um, distracted.

kb said...

I missed the inquiry about Trish altogether until the conversation was almost over! Not sure if I was diving into a cupcake or hovering over the fence waiting to see if my kids passed the Darwin test. At least I was certain they weren't in the know, with the poison and all!

~ Lucy said...

Oh Shandon, how could I forget the cupcake lovin' moment. That still makes me laugh.

Thom, I SWEAR I didn't tell baby girl that dark chocolate had spinach in it but I admire the person who did. That's up there with when I taught the kids to wake up their dad with a chorus of "Redrum". He he he he!