Tuesday, August 7

Is it getting chilly down there?

I ask because I've discovered a potato chip that I don't like. More precisely, I've discovered an potato chip that I hate.

Today, I had to present some stuff at an all day marathon meeting. They apparently know us pretty well because they gave us goodie bags that contained:

  • A notepad
  • pens
  • Post its
  • Play-doh
  • Beef jerky
  • Caramel rice cakes
  • Rice Crispie Treat
  • Apple Crisps (surprisingly good. They'd be better over ice cream but they were good none the less.)
  • m&ms
  • Some Dove Dark Chocolate (Again, they know us well.)
  • Kettle Chips

Mmmmmmm, Kettle chips. "Mmmmmmmm" until I tossed one back and gagged. What a cruel, cruel trick. They were Salt and Vinegar chips. Blechhhh! It was like some barbaric Schick Center aversion therapy treatment or something. I'm still whimpering from the ordeal. I've never had a chip let me down. I feel so betrayed.

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