Friday, August 10


I started working at my current company as a temp. I was hired permanently after about 5 months. I now know how rare that is and how damn lucky I was to get the job. I started at about an Assistant level and have grown into the role of Manager. I like my job and the people I work with but when you've started as a go-to-girl you're sort of always the go-to-girl. That's literally what some people call me. My title sometimes switches to the-answer-girl but it's pretty much the same thing. The trouble is that it's difficult to do my new job when I'm still fielding so many questions from my old job. I'm forever referring folks to the woman who now does my old job but they whine "... but I like talking to youuuuuuu." *sigh* It would be a nice complement but I know it's mostly a matter of them being too lazy to build a new relationship with the new girl.

One of the key tools I use in my new role is a pivot table in Excel. At first they were incredibly intimidating but, once I started messing around with them, I began to really love them. They're a fancy way to look at numbers at every angle imaginable and I can happily geek out on them for hours at a time now. Unfortunately, one of our sales guys is not so enthusiastic about them and because he remembers me as the go-to-girl he keeps asking me to run his pivots for him. It wouldn't be so bad but he's got a support staff who could do it. Besides, I've showed him numerous times how to run pivots. He pretends to pay attention but he must be looking at his Blackberry over my shoulder because after 2 1/2 years he still can't run a pivot. Well, recently I was freaking out and swamped and he wandered by and said "Hey doll, can you run a few pivots for me?" I flipped out and replied "I can't keep being your PIVOT BITCH!!!" He sort of stepped backed and said "Uh...well...umm... I'll get someone else to do it then." Now, I should have been MUCH nicer about it but how long am I supposed to do my old job? I guess he hasn't noticed that I have a new job that keeps me very busy. He's since gone to pretty much everyone except the one person I know could help him with his constant pivot crisis. I heard he was recently so desperate that he went to my boss and had her run the pivots for him. What the hell?! *sigh* I feel a tiny bit guilty but then I think for God's sake learn to run a damn pivot! When I was learning about pivots, guess what my boss did? She saved a pivot on my computer and walked away. Over her shoulder she said "Sink or swim!" I swam, why can't he? I'm guessing he was never an Assistant.

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