Wednesday, August 22

Laugh of the day

AL: I told you about the temp right?
JE: No. What about him?
AL: We think he has Tourette's.
JE: Why? Does he yell or something?
AL: No. He claps, just one clap, really loud about every 20 minutes. I wouldn't mind but it sometimes startles me.
Lucy: Well, it scares the hell outta me and I'm getting sick of it.
JE: Awww. Poor guy. He probably can't help it. I feel bad for him.
AL: Yeah, we did too until AD heard it and ran over to asked "Did you hear that? Was that you? What's that noise?"
JE: No way! What did he say?
Lucy: He said "No, it's not me. I was wondering what that sound was. You know I worked in the old building and people said it was haunted. We heard weird noises all the time."

All: ...

JE: Well, how do you know it's him clapping?
AL: Because I walked by once, right when he was doing it. He clapped once then smelled his hands.

All: ...

Lucy: Ok, come on. He smells his hands? That's bizarre.
JE: I feel really sorry for him.
Lucy: Then you try sitting next to him. He's gonna give me a heart attack!

All: ...

JE: OH MY GOD!! I've got an great idea! I'm gonna plug his lamp into a Clapper!!


Lucy: Ok, what?! You were feeling sorry for him 20 seconds ago. What happened?
JE: Oh come on, it could be like aversion therapy.
Lucy: I think that's officially creating a hostile work environment. Besides, if you really meant to help, it might be one thing, but you just want to watch his lamp flash on and off all day.
JE: Yeah, you're right.

5 minutes later, when I got to my desk, I found an email from JE with online Clapper information.
It's SO tempting.

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