Monday, April 7


I'm still here, I'm just busier than I've ever been at work. I mean crazy busy. I'm becoming one of those freaks who takes a couple of days to return calls. I hate those people but I barely have time to go to the bathroom much less call folks between non-stop meetings. I got home at 8:00 pm tonight and still have lots of online work to do. I'm so tired though. I think I'll just go to bed early and try to get to work early. Good thing I (usually) like my job.

In other news, I had a nice time on Sunday until the smack down. Oh, did I forget to mention the smack down at the liquidation sale? Oy! I met a friend at the old Macy's to get some deals. I headed straight for the handbags and my friend ran to grab some clothes. I eventually made my way over to her and we stood in line for a dressing room. A sales associate pointed me towards a room and said "There was a lady in there but she went to find a different size and we haven't seen her in a while. She's taking too long so ahead and take the room." I stepped in and immediately saw an almost full iced coffee. I turned back and asked "Are you sure? There's a coffee in here." The sales associate assured me it was fine. I had bought a few handbags downstairs so I plopped that shopping bag in front of the closed door thinking, if that lady comes back, she'll feel resistance and knock. Well, she came back all right but she did NOT knock. She just burst into the room as I pulled a silk blouse over my head and said "This is my room so you can go now." What the...? As if her rude tone wasn't enough, she then picked up my shopping bag and hurled it into the hallway. (I know!) I was shocked... then I LOST IT. I started shouting "Don't throw my stuff around. What's wrong with you?!" She then sort of dismissed me by waving her hand about 2 inches from my face. I WAVED back in her face and told her to knock it off. She sort of flinched, as if I were the lunatic, so I waved again because I sort of enjoyed scaring her. Meanwhile the other ladies in the dressing room started shouting out at her "She just did what the sales clerk told her to do. Leave her alone! Yeah, you took too long!!!" While I appreciated the support, I started grabbing my stuff out of "her" room when I heard my new friend Mary (a nice lady I'd met in line) call out "Baby, you come change in here with me. She's craaazy!" I headed for Mary's room and changed with her. I helped Mary zip up her dress and we assessed each others clothing choices. It turned out to be a nice bonding experience once that LUNATIC left. I've never met a more rude person in my life! I knew about the sale because a friend works at that store and was good enough to give me a heads up. I left a message for her saying that somewhere there was some hilarious video of me fighting with a whack job in the ladies dressing rooms.

On the way home I started getting concerned because that's the second time I've gone off on somebody in the past few weeks. What's going on? I'm usually a pretty normal woman. I then decided the bursting in on me and throwing my stuff around was indeed inappropriate and that few people who would have kept their cool during such an exchange.

It was worth it though. I got some great deals. I spent WAY too much money but it was all on work related things. Yes, bags count! I need to keep a professional image after all... I know, I'm grasping at straws here but whatever. I'm getting a decent tax refund this year so I'm not feeling too guilty. I've not been much of a shopper for the past few years, guess I made up for it yesterday.

Man, what a day. Guess I need to read more of the Eckhart Tolle book. Be present, be present, be present... *sigh*.

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kb said...

You know I would have paid good money to see that dressing room scene! You rock!