Sunday, April 27

Fire Update

The fires have been moving Northwest of our home so we're ok.

My college roommate called this morning to see how we were doing. She currently lives in a high fire danger area and has been evacuated before. She understands the whole drill. I explained that we were fine but that I really wouldn't know where the fires were until I left in an hour. Once I got a good look at the damage, I called her back. She used to live close to our house so she knows the area very well. I told her that the end of the main street was completely burned (that's Santa Anita for those who happen to know the area). The hills west of upper Santa Anita are completely scorched. It's very sad. On the other hand, I was driving down Sierra Madre Blvd. describing the scene to her when I interrupted myself with a "OOOOOOH! Cute firemen!!!" My roomie laughed and praised me for looking on the bright side.

I've been kicking myself all day though because I saw some weird guy sitting alone in his car near the top of Santa Anita and I wish I'd asked a cop to go question him. What kind of creep sits by himself at 9:45 am in the smoke of a wildfire? There remained the average looky- loos but they tend to come in packs or pairs. I don't usually see them sitting alone with their backs to the flames. My instincts went a little haywire when I saw him. It's still bugging me that I didn't say anything to anyone.

Dad decided to cruise out to San Bernadino to chase a bird while I made my way out to Sherman Oaks to do lunch and a movie with Tony. The flames seemed to be kicking up when I saw them from the freeway, and I considered going back home, but I had a feeling the firefighters had it under control. Turns out they didn't. Even now, it's only 30% contained. Drops were still being made when I got home in the afternoon but there seemed to be only a few smoldering spots on the hills at that time. Then again I have no idea what's happening in the canyons.

I wanted to take pictures but couldn't stomach the thought of being another looky-loo. I figure anyone reading this knows what burned hills look like. There was lots of ash on my car when I left this morning but I suppose you know what that looks like too.

I haven't heard much of the news on the fire but I think they suspect arson. I'm pretty certain it was deliberately set (just look at how green those hills are in the picture above). Setting fires is particularly disgusting to me. It's probably the most weenie of all crimes but also the most destructive. It sickens me. It's the work of a complete and utter coward. I really hope they find out who set the last fires and whoever may have set this one.

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shandon said...

The smell of smoke woke me at 4 this morning, so I guess the fire isn't under control yet.

My sister Mary, who lives not too far from the fire, didn't seem worried when she called me the other night. "Are you going to be evacuated?" I asked her. "Oh, no," she said. "If the fire gets as far as my house, Sierra Madre's in real trouble. In fact, I'm getting ready to go to bed."