Sunday, April 27

We now return to our regularly scheduled gripefest

In anticipation of my big move (yes, I plan to actually buy a home in the coming months) I'm gradually buying the bigger ticket items. A friend told me to do this to avoid a financial crisis worse than the average first time homeowners freakout. Because I've become such a spendthrift I've fallen out of the habit of buying. For instance, I've been meaning to buy my own printer for, oh, about 3 years now. I realize they aren't even expensive but I just haven't gotten around to it.

This afternoon I finally bit the bullet and picked one up. It's nothing fancy but it should do the job. This evening I dove into the unpacking and set up process for the printer. Everything went well until I got to the casually instructed "connect the USB cable". Umm, USB cable? What USB cable? I checked the first page of my installation sheet to check the contents and saw that my printer did not come with a USB cable. This is the second time this has happened to me. Are USB cables something people have lying around the house now? Are USB cables the new extension cords that people have in tangled piles in a closet somewhere? Somehow I missed that memo and I don't have a spare USB cable to "connect" to my new printer. I'm so annoyed! I have a couple of small USB cables but they are reserved for other uses. I need a longer, dedicated cable. (Story of my life. Sorry! I couldn't resist.)

The other problem is that the power strip I planned to use is a three-pronged number and I don't have a spare converter. I'm now living in fear that I'm going to blow up the house when I plug in another power strip. I already have one screaming night and day for my Tivo, TV, stereo system, DVD player and cable box. This house was built in the 50's and, I fear, can't handle another strip. Dad assures me that it will be fine. My plan was to power down the strip when no in use, which will be most of the day. It's supposed to save energy and I'm all for that.

I'm tempted to hop in the car and pick up a newer power strip with a two-pronged plug and the elusive USB cable. So far I'm resisting. It's not as though I have any printing emergencies to manage. I just want the dumb thing set up and ready to roll.

Because I spent less than planned on the printer, I also picked up some speakers for my laptop. They're cute and sound great!

I also finally got a flash drive. I've been wanting one for ages. I really hate going to Best Buy so I figured I'd just pick up supplies while I could and avoid another trip for a year or so. I also need a car charger for my cell phone but I remembered that I can get a discount so I resisted that purchase.

I couldn't find the flash drives so I approached the Mac friendly guy at Best Buy and asked:

Lucy: Where are the little memory thingys that plug in the side of the computer?
Mac guy: Umm, (reaching into his pocket) you mean this?
Lucy: Yeah!
Mac guy: Oh, they're called flash drives, thumb drives, blah, blah, blah...
Lucy: You mean you don't call them "thingys"?
Mac guy: Well, no but...
Lucy: You knew what I meant though.
Mac guy: (brightly) That's true!

When Mac guy saw me loaded down with a printer and heading towards the computer speakers he seemed more interested in helping me. He kindly offered to carry the printer to the register. He asked if I needed anything else and I said "yes, but I better get out of here while I can." He quickly said "I can set you up with a new Best Buy card." To which I sighed "I'm sure you could but no thanks."

I left with what I thought would be everything I'd need. *sigh* Guess I'll go to Target tomorrow during lunch to get the rest of my supplies. I'd hate to have to go to Best Buy two days in a row. I just know I might freak out and buy one of these, these, these or these. As if I need any of those stupid things. Where is that damn Eckhart Tolle book when I need it?

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