Friday, September 5


I'm sure I've mentioned it already but I'm especially busy at work these days. I don't think I spent more than 15 minutes at my desk in the last 3 days. We're transferring our old jobs to the new teams while taking on our new responsibilities. The crossover is painful. I've been in meetings pretty much from 9-7 every day. I try to go to my desk for a minute, to check my voicemail, and every time I walk in I see a fresh stack of paperwork with a sad little post it note waiting for me. I, naturally, have no time to look at the sad stack so I sweep it to the side and make my calls. I've even been forced to shoo away any poor soul who spots me entering my cubicle and attempts to ask a question. I feel like a monster but I just have wave and say "Sorry, can't talk." I then have to immediately pick up my notebook, Blackberry and a bottle of water and head off to another meeting. It's a drag.

Then, today, we had a big team bonding picnic event. It was actually very nice. When I heard about it my first thought was "that doesn't sound air conditioned", and I was right, but it was fun. It was very well planned too. There were ice breakers and lots of food and we got to see our top executives get wet in a dunking tank. I highly recommend this experience to one and all.

Earlier in the day I told my new boss, while we were in yet another meeting, that I could "no longer work at work". I told her I was dumping my ginormous stack of paperwork in a bag with my laptop and to-do list and heading home immediately after the picnic. She just looked at me and said "Good for you!" Thank God... she gets it.

I left the picnic around 2:00 and drove straight home. I quickly logged on to my work laptop and have only now logged off. I organized all of the dreaded paperwork, reviewed a ton of product and knocked things off my to-do list. Perhaps best of all, I whittled my email in-box down from around 500 emails to 15. I average about 100 a day but I'm hoping that will improve after the big transition. Why do I get so much anyway? I'm not that important.

Anyway, I'm feeling MUCH less stressed right about now. I got more work done in these past 5 hours than I have all week. Thank God and the Internets.

I have a bad habit of running though to-do lists in my head all night long when I'm stressed. Needless to say, I haven't slept much this week. My hope is that now that I've handled a bunch of work I'll be able to concentrate enough to read. I'd like to finish The Host this weekend so I can re-read Outlander. Wish me luck.

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