Thursday, September 4

People Suck

I know it's silly, in the scheme of things, but this news made me very sad and disappointed today.

As mentioned in previous posts, I've recently become a big fan of the Twilight series. Most of the women I work with are fans as well. It's causing mid-crisis' all over the work place but mostly it's been a really good time. Today I learned that the author, Stephenie Meyer, posted an early draft of the next book on her website. She did this because it had already been leaked online. She figured she'd just make it easier for her fans and post it so they wouldn't have to guiltily search all over the net for it and, God forbid, pay for it.

I have mixed feelings about the news. On one hand... HOLY CRAP, A NEW Twilight BOOK IS SUDDENLY AVAILABLE?! But on the other hand it's unfinished and not even close to being what the author wanted it to be when fans saw it. I feel really bad for this woman. Oh sure, she's rolling in dough and most won't feel bad for her but I really do. It must seriously suck to have an early, messy, draft of your eagerly anticipated book leaked online. As disappointed as the author is, the publishers must be sitting in a corner in the fetal position sucking their thumbs thinking of all of the lost revenue. There goes fiscal year 2011!

Ms. Meyer is indefinitely shelving the whole project now as a result of the leak. I hate whoever leaked it. Why do people have to suck so badly?

I'm going back to Outlander. I can't take this teen-aged angst. I'm going back to the land of grown ups. I'm going back to the land with characters who actually hop in the sack frequently, enthusiastically and unapologetically, and are featured in a yet-to-be-green-lit movie version, a movie that has yet to be optioned because nobody can agree on the proper handling of the story and, most importantly, the casting of the incredibly hot and dreamy leading man. Yeah, that's a world I know. That's a world I can live with.


shandon said...

Ahhhhh, Jamie . . .

kb said...

Edward is wonderful, but Jamie is downright dreamy and amazing!