Monday, September 1


Here is the email I sent to CNN:

"For the first time ever I've been forced to abandon CNN for the greener pastures of MSNBC. Why am I leaving? I'm leaving because I literally can't stomach that blow hard Rick Sanchez another minute. His cringe worthy "reporting" makes me ill. The man is a rude blow hard who makes anchoring look as hard as it must be. Last night he had the nerve to offer advise to Anderson Cooper on how to report from a hurricane. That's hilarious, Rick!

I'll flip past CNN to see if Anderson Cooper is anywhere to be found but if that jackhole Rick is on camera, I'm outta there. I don't think I'm alone in my preference for reporters with at least some knowledge of what they are reporting on and at least an ounce of empathy. Mr. Sanchez just casually sits around with his sleeves rolled up (give me a break!) reading off comments from his fanclub on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Where is the reporting on CNN?"


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shandon said...

Yay! Now if those dim bulbs at CNN will just do something about him . . .